​​Webinars, training, and the 100% best support, ​​​so that you can ​have the income you want, and the lifestyle you deserve!

Why Join Us?

  • 25+ years of ​experience in the industry
  • ​We've helped over 60,000 people start their journey, ​​
  • We have the experience ​​to help you start making 6-figures a year.

​​We've ​made the process to making money SIMPLE and easy​ for everyone.

 Tissa Godavitarne and John Weberg in Cabo San Lucas at a Mastermind Retreat

 ​8 Figure Earner and World Wide Leader


"My message to you, if you're seeing this right now, is to align yourself with John.

He falls in the category of those people that you meet, and as soon as you have

spent just a couple minutes with them. You know, they have everything it

takes to help others live life on their terms.

Just like people have lifted me up and helped me get to where I am today... John can

do the same for you. "

What's the BIGGEST difference between Now Lifestyle and other companies?

  • Now Lifestyle's foundation has been in business for over ​15+ years
  • They have paid out over $200,000,000.00 to affiliates.
  • They pay out 90% in residuals WITH top-tier commissions included!
  •  Now Lifestyle is the first company hybrid in the industry to combine digital products and physical products. We have the biggest demand and audience in the world!

 Joel Therien and John Weberg crushing an awesome Now Lifestyle workout! 

  ​9 Figure Earner and 200 Million Paid To Affiliates


​"I would highly recommend, personally...That you work with John...Honesty, integrity, energy, and a ton of knowledge to get you where YOU want to go!"

​" ​Jon is one of a kind...If you have him for a mentor, you really really REALLY need to pay attention to what

he's saying, what he's doing, and what he's telling you, to do... If you have him, you're lucky. "

​Seely Clark

Team Leader and Member

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